What Makes A Security System Smart?

June 15th, 2022

A smart home can be a few different things depending on how you set it up.  At its heart, a smart home can connect otherwise unconnected appliances and devices, and this makes it easier to control music, TV, the temperature, the oven, and so on from a single spot.  Some smart homes respond to voice commands, some work with smartphone apps, and many can work with both.

A smart security system adds this same convenience to your home security.  In fact, with the right products and the right security company in , your security system can act as the backbone of your smart home.  Still, the main purpose of a smart security system is to connect all the different security features you install so they all work and communicate together.

Wireless Locks

No security system is complete without access control, a way to keep the wrong people out while letting the right people in.  Most homes provide this with deadbolt locks, but with a smart security system you can upgrade this to an electronic lock you can lock or unlock remotely.  You can also have a system that recognizes a signal from your smartphone, a key code, or a biometric scan that checks things like fingerprints, irises, or faces.  This gives your , a comprehensive and convenient way to get inside without needing to fumble for the right key.

Coordinated Cameras And Alarms

There are many ways that surveillance cameras and alarm systems can also integrate into a smart home.  Cameras with facial recognition can be part of an electronic lock, and with motion detection they can save power and hard drive space by only recording when something is moving in front of them.  You can also have the alarm system turn on the cameras when someone sets them off or have it trigger when the electronic is broken or disabled.  With a smart security system you also won’t have to run over to the security panel every time you come home.

Smart Security Safeguards

While a smart security system is convenient and effective compared to normal home security, you should keep in mind that it will also be convenient to someone who manages to hack into your home network.  That means you need to choose security systems with protections against cybercrimes, protections like encryption, passwords, firewalls, and antimalware software.  You should also make sure you use these protections, because setting a security alarm with a default password is like getting an electronic lock but never locking it.

A smart security system adds convenience and extra protections that go above and beyond other setups, but it also adds new vulnerabilities that you need to account for and protect against.  That’s why it’s important to choose a security company in , with years of experience and a strong understanding of how a smart security system works.  With the right protections in place, a smart security system can even make your computers and mobile devices more secure.

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